Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist

Job Number: 23674

Description: Hospital in eastern Vermont has an opening for an experienced Nocturnist (2 NP’s) for our 25 bed Critical Access Community Hospital with an average daily census of 18. The Nurse Practitioner will medically manage patients admitted to Hospitalist Service. Will provide clinical oversight for all patients in Hospitalist Service during schedule hours and consults with specialty physicians as needed. Discharges patients and provides timely and quality discharge summaries, medication lists, outpatient care plans and expedites transfer of information to the primary care provider.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Collaborates with colleagues and other healthcare professionals
  • Team player
  • Positive attitude
  • Flexible
  • Calm under stress
  • Open minded, active listening skills
  • Compassionate
  • Ability to complete a task with allotted time
  • Familiar and skilled with EHR and other electronic devices
    The positions are:
  1. 2 NP Nocturnists, 12 hour shifts (7:00 PM – 7:00 AM), flexible scheduling (1 week on, 1 week off or any combination of days on/off, collaboratively arranged with your colleagues), at least 3 years of hospital medicine, preferable as a Nocturnist, prior experience as an RN in critical care medicine is a plus.

Additional information:

  • NP Total Salary- $120,000 + $10,000 bonus per year x3 years,
  • NP salary breakdown: $101,412 +6% ($6,088) quality related + $10,000 loan repayment (for the life of the loan) + $2,500 CME= $120,000 + $10,000 retention bonus for 3 years.
  • NP must be Acute Care Certified, BLS, and ACLS
  • EMR System- CPSI/Evident – Allscripts Pro (moving to single system in the next two years)
  • Average census is 18, NP tends to carry half during the day – all at night with physician call back-up. Diagnosis are typically non-high-level; post-surgical mix with non-ICU patients
  • Benefits package sent separately.

Enjoy the serene, small town living in a family-oriented community of 9,500 people near the scenic beauty of the Vermont Green mountains.  Easy access to Boston 130 miles away.

Contact: Galen Roberts