Colebrook, NH

“The Village with the View”

is a stunning community in northern New Hampshire.  Roads from Maine, Vermont, New York, Montreal and Quebec all converge here with the eastern approach to the town through famous Dixville Notch by Lake Gloriette.  Its western view is dominated by Vermont’s Mt. Monadnock.  Colebrook is at the junction of the Connecticut and Mohawk Rivers is the hub of the North Country.  Travelers over the centuries have come in search of beauty, adventure and inspiration, while enjoying legendary North Woods hospitality.  Colebrook is easily accessible to woodlands, lakes and streams providing endless outdoor recreation. Here you can go take a hike to watch the sunrise before breakfast, go fly fishing after lunch and get dressed up for an elegant dinner at The Balsams Resort.  Whatever your passion, from fine dining to snowmobiling to camping under the stars, this is a community in which to indulge it.  3hrs- Montreal, 4hrs- Quebec City, 4hrs- Boston, 3hrs- Portland, 3hrs- Burlington. Colebrook has affordable homes and good schools. No sales tax!